My two-fold mission at ESC:

Create online courses and coach EL teachers

First, to provide learners– upper-level non-native speakers of English – interactive English language teaching materials through online courses.

Second, to work with teachers to publish their own online English-language teaching materials at, my online school, a new initiative I’m developing to coach teacherpreneurs on following in my footsteps.

5 reasons why online teaching & learning is so valuable

Serve your learners better

Create a multimedia experience

Become a better teacher

Work with digital pros

Make extra income and be proud

Benefits of online teaching

Multiple benefits for both learners and teachersemail11_friends_pixaby.jpg

  • can make learning visually attractive
  • can respond to different learning styles
  • can help dyslexic learners through a multi-sensory approach
  • can create a community of learners
  • is available 24/7
  • is mobile friendly
  • provides a self-paced approach to learning
  • is an effective tool when combined with classroom teaching—in what is now called the flipped classroom
  • allows for relatively easy updating of materials—something you won’t find in traditional textbooks, and
  • saves paper!

Prepare to create online courses

Be CRUEL to yourself

  • Creativeright foot.jpeg
  • Resilient
  • Unstoppable
  • Enthusiastic
  • Lifelong learner

Use good pedagogy

  • Keep learners in mind throughout the process (know who you are talking to - have the right tone
  • Be informative but not overly academic
  • Know the interests and level of the ability of your students or your target audience
  • Be aware of what your students or target audience need to learn

Work with a specific plan

Have a crystal clear overview of the objectives of the course.

Keep track
Keep a detailed filing system using, for example, Google Drive.

Have a toolkit

school tools.jpeg

Google Slides / Powerpoint

My 3-Step Formula for creating your own online ELT materials

1. Devise content

  • Reading / Listening activities
  • Speaking / Writing activities
  • Grammar points / Explanations
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Quizzes
  • Self-assessments

Pro tip: Dragon dictate

2. Create slides

  • Photographs
  • Illustrations + icons
  • Charts and graphs sometimes (i have a nice lecture on that in the AWC)
  • Screencaptures: i like a lot
  • Different typography - still playing with that

Pro tip:

3. Produce audio/video

Video is more important than ever in the classroom -- whether you are producing it with students, using it as a learning tool, flipping your classroom or recording and broadcasting educational or school events.

Pro tip: Screenflow

Pro tip: Screencast-o-matic

How a new online language school can fast track you to self-publish and make extra income

At English School

You create

  • Use simple creation toolswriter-.jpg
  • Experiment and innovate
  • Work with audio, video, text, images
  • Write activities, quizzes, self-assessments, pfs
  • Produce several courses over time

You teach

  • Don’t worry about designing / creating your own website
  • Reach learners from any device (mobile friendly)
  • Communicate with your learners using discussion / email
  • Track learner progress
  • Reach a large audience of students

You earn

  • Create materials once / keep on earning
  • Make passive income by reselling courses
  • Make it easy for learners to sign up
  • Get paid quickly / revenue share
  • Leave upkeep, payments, hosting to ESC
  • Participate in ESC Marketplace

Become an Author

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